A Global Pulp and Paper mill contacted us regarding reliability issues on a paper stock pump seal.  In addition, they wanted a solution to lower the current volumes of water used to flush their seals.

After application review, we proposed our John Crane 5620 USP (Up Stream Pumping) seal to best address their reliability and water usage concerns.  This duel seal incorporates spiral groove face technology that creates a dynamic lift enabling reduced seal wear.  By installing the 5620USP we were able to reduce water consumption from 1200 gallons per day to less than 2 gallons per day.

After 4 years of service and counting (well more than the average of 4 months with the old design) the seals are being applauded for the reliability success.  Due to the overall cost of ownership savings, the plant is in the process of upgrading all their stock pumps to the John Crane 5620 USP seal.

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