Unsurpassed in quality and service for pump and valve packing, Palmetto, Inc., a subsidiary of Greene, Tweed, is a proven global leader in providing innovative and unique solutions to difficult sealing applications. “Palmetto” the company’s registered trade name for its packing, was chosen in 1892, as the bark on a palm tree resembles braided packing. With more than 140 years of experience in providing innovative solutions to new and demanding problems to a wide variety of industries, Palmetto continues to develop new products that solve the ever-changing demands of today’s manufacturing plants. As machinery-operating temperatures soar and pressures and speeds increase, Palmetto continues to develop new packing materials to stay ahead of the changes. Palmetto’s internally-lubricated packing has been used for more than 100 years in demanding applications. Palmetto’s wide variety of products, including specialty slurry packings, plunger pump packings, and extended service life packings, will help your business add dollars to its bottom line via the long service life Palmetto products will provide. Contact us to learn what Palmetto can do for you.

ePTFE packing

ePTFE/Graphite 100% GFO® . Good heat dissipation, sealability, wide pH range. Excellent all-around gene

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